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Victor Scarpelli 

One of the most convenient parts of a campervan is the kitchen. Whether you are planning a daring trip into the wilderness, or a not-so-daring tailgating party, cooking in a campervan is a must. However, if it is your first time, the idea of cooking in a van can seem daunting.

Let’s discuss what exactly a campervan kitchen includes as well as provide a few suggestions on the kind of food that will be convenient to make in a campervan.  

jeep camper interior kitchen

What’s All In A Campervan Kitchen

Most campervan renters will be pleasantly surprised by the amenities that a campervan kitchen includes. Located in the rear of the van, you will find a sink that is hooked up to a water tank located inside of the van. The water tank can be easily refilled by simply pouring water into the appropriate tank, just like a tank of gas. The water tank and the gas tank are both clearly labeled so there is no risk of mixing the two up. 

The kitchen also has a large retractable shelf that provides plenty of space for cooking. Finally, every campervan comes with a propane camp stove. The stove can be used just like a propane grill. Simply hook the propane up to the stove, turn it on, light one of the included matches and you are in business. If this all seems anticlimactic that is because there really isn’t much to it. The stove is both intuitive and easy to operate. 

We recommend that renters bring pots and pans, which will dramatically increase the variety of food that you can make. Pots, pans, and all of the other necessary cooking utensils and extras can be rented from Escape Campervan for a modest additional fee. 

jeep camper kitchen

Meals That Make Cooking In A Campervan Easier  

While the campervan kitchen is incredibly versatile, the camp stove does have a limited supply of propane. For this reason, it is probably a good idea to avoid elaborate, time-consuming meals. Renter’s should also keep in mind that, while campervans do have refrigerators, space is relatively limited. For that reason, it might be wise not to bring too many ingredients. I have included a list of some of my favorite campervan meals below. 

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

In my opinion, this is the best meal to make in a campervan. The kitchen has a 2 burner propane stove, so it is easy to make a grilled cheese while simultaneously heating up tomato soup. Furthermore, neither the bread nor the cans of tomato soup need to be refrigerated. This frees up more space for other ingredients. This is an easy meal that doesn’t take too much time and is immensely satisfying, especially in the winter. If you want a break from the hotdogs that inevitably appear on every camping trip in America, grilled cheese is an easy and efficient option. 


My recommendation to any potential renter is to stock their fridge with plenty of eggs. Eggs are a breeze to make on a campervan stove and provide a cheap easy way to always have breakfast planned. Not to mention eggs provide a great base for other ingredients and leftovers. 

If you have extra meat, vegetables, cheese, or practically anything else you can turn it into an omelet. Furthermore, eggs, while perishable, have a relatively long shelf life. This will come in handy on longer trips.   

Hot Dogs

As stated above, hotdogs are a staple on practically every camping trip in America, and for good reason. Hotdogs can be easily cooked on the campervan stove or over an open fire. They have a long shelf life and can be ready in minutes. This makes them incredibly convenient food, especially on days that you don’t feel like cooking. 

While you will almost inevitably be sick to death of hotdogs by the end of your trip, you will also be glad that you have them. Hotdogs are a great option for last-minute meals or even a quick snack while on the road. 

jeep camper kitchen cooler

Now You Have An Overall View Of Cooking In A Campervan

The idea of eating and sleeping in a van can be intimidating. At Escape Campervan we strive to be approachable to people with all levels of experience. Even first-time campers should find that the kitchen is easy and intuitive to operate. 

Book a campervan and be sure to check out the rest of the Escape blog for recipes as well as packing suggestions. 

1 thought on “A Few Suggestions For Cooking In A Campervan”

  1. My wife and I (from Scotland UK) spent 7 weeks in a Maverick motoring 10,000 miles east>west>east coast to coast and back again to Atlanta. We reconfigured the kitchen arrangements so that we could make meals without exiting the vehicle. This proved preferable to getting out in all weathers…..and mirrored our experience of extended small-tent / multi-day / backpacking trips of our youth. Try it, it beats getting wet and cold!

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